Nea Hanscomb

CEO & Founder of Appropo Software

Artist, Mother & Advocate

Nea is a single parent of a 15 yr. boy with severe autism. Since 1980, she has held numerous positions as a graphic artist in advertising agencies, book publishers, retail companies and more. As a fine artist Nea has exhibited in restaurants around the Bay Area and in SF City Hall -- and is active in Open Studios. Her work is largely inspired by her son and her visits to Baja, Mexico. Nea's Art

Palmer Hanscomb

Son & Muse

Palmer was born in San Francisco in 2000 during the Chinese "year of the dragon". Almost 3 years later he was diagnosed with severe autism. He is a cheerful, charming and handsome boy who has touched many lives.

Jane Tyler, M.S., CCC-SLP

Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist Director

Teach By-The-Beach offers a rare combination of teaching and therapeutic approaches to individuals with educational or communicative needs.

Jane Tyler, the Director, holds multiple Master's degrees, and has served as a public school teacher, speech therapist, reading specialist, and resource specialist for 23 years. She is an award-winning educator whose dedication is outstanding.

Virginia Ginger Bisek

Copywriter, Content & Social Media Strategist

Ginger fell in love with content strategy and digital marketing as Blue Shield of California’s first web writer in 2001, and has never looked back. She is currently a contractor and advisor for SMB companies on everything from complete rewrites of entire websites to the nitty-gritty of social media.

Appster Inc.

Information Technology & Services

Appster is an Australian app development agency, founded in 2011, with offices in India and San Francisco, CA. The company develops mobile, web and wearable apps for startups, public figures and enterprises.

Appster make apps successful by providing more than just development; it helps market, scale and improve clients’ ideas by effectively acting as CTO. The company states its ambition is to be the world's first ideas company.

David Brian Ward

Founder & CEO

Telegraph Hill Program Innitiatives Inc.

Mr. Ward’s career spans 32 years of experience as an entrepreneur, executive and consultant, leading technology innovation and implementation at Global 1000 firms and start-ups. With Telegraph Hill, he intends to bring his high performing technology consulting online to technical managers worldwide.

Telegraph Hill technology consultants have decades of technology management experience at both large and small companies as heads of Development, Engineering, Operations and Program Management.

Cong Chen, Ph.D.

Member of Research Staff

Dr. Chen's research activities span human-computer interaction, design for children, special education, and software engineering. He is currently conducting research with Fujitsu Laboratories of America in a new inter-disciplinary research area blending data sensing and analytics, tangible user interaction, and applied behavior analysis to address restricted and repetitive behaviors in children with autism.

During these activities, Dr. Chen has actively participated in all aspects of scientific research, including project management, staffing, research, system design and implementation, and human experiment design and administration.

Thorice Bisek, M.A., SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist & Palmer's Grandmother

Thorice graduated with a M.A. in Speech/Language Pathology from Trenton State College, New Jersey.  She has worked in several disciplines within her field – including children and adults with autism. Her experience spans across private speech therapy lessons, public school districts, Camarillo State Hospital and the CA State Youth Authority.

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Elizabeth Stecher, M.A., CCC-SLP

Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist

Elizabeth Stecher is a speech-language pathologist and CEO of Stecher Strategic Communication Solutions, LLC. She currently owns her own private therapy practice and has 14 years of experience in her field.  Elizabeth specializes in children with severe speech and language disorders.

She is also an avid social entrepreneur. Elizabeth is publishing her first children's picture book with Author House Publishers. She is currently producing her third film as the CEO of Stecher Studio Productions, LLC. Elizabeth was selected by  a New York magazine dedicated to exemplary women that will be released in their Fall 2016  issue.